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How can i tell abt MYSELF....anyways just intro..

Akash PadhiyarA warm Welcome to About Me page

I would here like to give a short Introduction about my self

Name : Akash padhiyar

Education : TYBCA (SLICA)
Meaning of my name "Akash"in Gujarati .... No limit , No One can touch but every1 want touch
My Goal: Web-designer, web developer, hacker, programmer in short Computer all-rounder ..

My life's Rules:

1).Thinks Positive & Work hard

2).Always Smile & Be helpful

3).Speak little & Think more

4).Never forget god & family

Jo hua achaa hua jo hoga wo bhi accha hoga ..Think ++

hard work + Luck + God = success

I launched website
"ITTIPS" to provide a computer help ,Tips & Tricks and my research work..




I never top in my school or college, but toppers of all university working in my company “
- Bill Gates

I am always ready for help..

I can’t see tear of anyone ..
i am too short-tempered and too ziddi... 
i am very straight forward person....believe in what i say...
i hate liers and jealous person specially when they don't accept their lies........
I want to do something different so everyone feel proud on me, I hate back spoker,

For me technology
(GOOGLE) is an essential part of my life and I love finding and trying out various stuffs...

I hate those boys,girls and people who don't know how to maintain relationship.
I m very friendly with everyone but for that first they should be friendly with me.

And i m like a
"MIRROR" will reflect you your behavior so if u are good ...
i m v.good and if u r bad i am worst.

I don’t like 3  people.
(1)  The Person who things himself, he is Something
(2)  He boasts about himself.
(3) My Enemy s..

I m perfectly Imperfect guy very difficult to understand.

After all no one  is perfect in this world.....
intro jya da ho gaya hena ok thnx a lot for reading ...
Post Your Comments..
Regards - Akash Padhiyar


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